Countless blessings

Life is a journey of different phases each phase comprising of its own flavor of experience of sour and sweet mix of life. The irony is that we have such a short span of attention that in moments of ups where we are joyously in comfort and content with life we tend to forget the sorrows and hardships that we went through to reach to this state of fulfillment and there are thousands if not millions who are still working hard with honestly and dignity to make a living and they are still merely just getting by.

Today Karachi experienced second day of rainfall nothing too drastic but a slight drizzle often result in chaotic predicament in this city of lights. On such days travelling on the roads of Karachi filled with still water and litter covering its surface, gutters adding water to this little pound of filth and children trying to make game out of it. After witnessing this one can only wonder where is all the money that we pay in the name of taxes to Pakistani government. Most of the people in power are Muslims so why can’t they simply fear Allah perform their job honestly, after all they are being paid for it.

The other side of the picture to this society are those hard working thankful and dignified people who work day and night and earn minimal wages, this drizzle destroy their homes and food but they never ask for charity. They work honestly without taking an extra day off even if their house is in water due to rain. They believe that the need to earn honest living and Allah will help them if they stay true to their work. Witnessing such a personality I was in Sajda of shukar in front of Allah and in regret of all the lies I ever spoken. And quickly realized that I am in no position to complain about anything at all.  We are sooo blessed that rain falls upon us as blessing and we have roof made up of concrete to protect us from changing weather, food of our liking, opportunity to travel, laptop, internet and cellphone. We are in such a comfortable life that asking for and being bothered about a mere technological update, now, feels as if I am being ungrateful of countless blessings that we, are so blessed to, label as basic necessities.


One thought on “Countless blessings

  1. Reblogged this on Dreamer's Diary and commented:
    We have countless blessings but no gratitude while most of the underprivileged have so less, yet they’re content and carrying on with patience. I share this thought, I’m sure most of us do. And Shaista has nicely poured it down in words.


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